Antennas are an essential component of any RV or boat mobile internet arsenal that is based on cellular.



We at Caravan Router togheter with have tested several different antennas without being really satisfied. We therefore decided to develop our own product, a new roof antenna for motorhomes and caravans. The requirement was that it should be robust, fast and capable of all frequencies, including 5G.

5g Portable Router

5G Hybrid Traveller. The router for you with a motorhome, camper, caravan or boat who wants the best. Don’t forget to order SIM cards separately.


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Why buy an external antenna

Utilizing external cellular antennas can only help you overcome some of these obstacles when living a mobile lifestyle. 

Keep in mind, the actual cellular data performance you get can vary greatly depending on many different factors, such as:

  • The location of the cellular tower relative to your location
  • Weather
  • How many people are using the tower
  • Local terrain – mountains, valleys and even trees
  • Nearby buildings
  • The structure of your RV or boat
  • The antennas and modem built into your cellular device


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