Which Internet subscription is best for a motorhome?

Having a motorhome is exciting but what do you think when you get to the question “Which Internet subscription is best for a motorhome ?”

We start by investigating the concept of a motorhome. Motorhome is called a larger type of car where you can live in, for example during a holiday trip. Some well-known manufacturers of motorhomes are Hymer, Adria, B├╝rstner, Knaus, Hobby, Frankia, Niesmann, Concorde and Kabe Travelmaster. Many motorhomes are registered as “car class II”. These may speed as ordinary passenger cars regardless of the weight. It is the speed signs that apply. If the motorhome is instead registered as a truck with interior decoration and has a total weight exceeding 7.5 tons, other speed regulations apply and the car must, among other things, be equipped with a tachograph. The driver must also follow the rules on driving and resting time.

Motorhomes who want to stay a little longer in a place for recreation can take it to a campsite with the facilities and prices applied. Here you usually find all kinds of supplies and access to baths. Some campsites are open all year around. Many campsites are so-called F-campings where everyone is welcome, while SCR-connected campsites are more expensive and place greater demands on the facility’s service.

Which Internet subscription is best for a motorhome / caravan? Caravan Router offers a unique Internet solution for those who have a motorhome, caravan, or boat in the form of a wifi router with high speed of 4G surf. A professional router for fast Internet that connects directly to the car’s battery system. As long as you have a battery in your mobile home there is Internet on board. The router draws a little power and is very reliable. There are no limitations on how many devices can be connected. This router is specially designed for the transport industry and is reliable. You will always have full coverage wherever you are in your mobile home.

Our router is also equipped with GPS which can be connected to a map system so you can always see the car’s position. It is also possible to add a backup function for the router so that it can also be used as an anti-theft device.

We recommend its installation by a professional specialist. It is important that the router is properly connected and that it is in the best position. Your motorhome supplier or installation company will help you.

If you have a subscription with limited data volume and consume this data, the speed will be very low. With us you don’t need to think about it since there is a high speed of surf.

We can again ask ourselves the question: Which Internet subscription is best for motorhome ? The answer is that all our router solutions contain so much surf that you will be satisfied. In other words, you can surf, stream and watch TV almost any time. We want you to be able to surf anytime regardless of whether you are at a work conference, on a summer vacation or driving through Europe. Our network covers almost one hundred percent.

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