Stream TV in the mobile home

Stream TV in the mobile home takes a lot of the surf pot. How do you avoid this?

One van holiday supplier writes the following. “Have now run a holiday with almost all TV viewing via mobile broadband. We have not saved on the use. A couple of hours a day plus other surf googling as well as mail and other. I always ran out of my pot. We had to fill up with a close look. It was 50GB in two weeks’ trip in July. In June with a holiday week, 45GB were used, and the rest went on for the first five / six days in August. I wonder if there is any way to solve it. We need wifi that doesn’t run out.”

If you want to watch TV more than an hour on average per day, you need good access to surf. If you are several people in the motorhome, the caravan or the boat, it is a way to share the internet connection. The easiest way is via the “Internet Sharing” function in the mobile phone. The downside is that you “occupy” someone’s mobile phone and that all surf runs out in no time.

Now there is an optimal solution to stream TV in the mobile home / caravan. Caravan Router offers router solutions for you with a motorhome, caravan or boat with subscriptions that have a large amount of surf. You can surf almost as much as you want. In other words, you can surf, stream and watch TV around the clock if you wish and everyone can do it at the same time.

Since it is usually expensive to buy extra surf for mobile subscription, we have developed a subscription with a lot of surf from the beginning. We do not want you to have any restrictions on your trip and need to think about how much surf you use and there is left.

We now offer a complete solution at a very affordable price with a lot of surf. We have developed the most cost-effective and most user-friendly subscription for you.

We at Caravan Router offer a subscription where it is possible to connect many users to the same subscription. It is easy to connect ten units. Now the whole family can surf simultaneously and around the clock. Whether you want to email or if you want to stream series, music or movies.
With us, you avoid all the unnecessary hassles like binding times, variable prices and tricky invoices. A lot of surf is included and you can use it around the clock as much as you want. Our subscription is fast, cheap and easy. You can stream TV in the mobile home / caravan during the entire holiday period if you wish.

We consider it our most important cornerstones that a subscription should be fast, cheap and easy. Choose yourself when and how often You stream music, movie or series.
Having the freedom to reach the Internet wherever you are is truly magnificent. Hopefully this will spread and soon we will be able to do this everywhere in the world. Then there is also greater opportunity for people to actually do what they really dream about.

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