WiFi in a motor home

Having access to the internet as you move from one location to the next helps to make a motor home holiday a far more pleasant experience, especially for children. Whether you want to keep up to date with the latest news while you’re away from home, or need to know any changes in the weather that may affect your holiday plans.

With our professional 4G WiFi router with a special seasonal packages so you don’t pay when not using the motor home, your holiday can be much more enjoyable and stress free.

It’s today nearly impossible finding a good solution to stay connected to Internet. If today the comfort of these vehicles is becoming more similar to that of a home, especially with things like TV, Netflix, HBO and streaming

Yet, the needs are similar to those that we can have at home: the need to check mails, to download a movie, to keep in touch with loved via Skype or even share vacation experiences on social networks. Also if you have kids, they need to be connected all the time.

With our router and data solution, you will never be worried to never have internet. We have a full solution, and the router is a professional router for the caravan, and not for home usage.

We have special deals with several mobile operators and can give you special subscriptions for only hour usage, and no monthly subscription or pay for internet or data when you are not using your motor home.

For more information to get wifi in your motor home, give us a call or send us an email.

//From the Wifi Motor Home Team of Caravan Router

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