Adhesive 5G Patch Antenna

A self-adhesive 5G antenna, test-winning for all mobile networks. Attaches to most substrates. The antenna is delivered with a 2.5 meter cable and SMA male. An antenna that won best in tests when “PC for all” tested 4G antennas. This also supports 5G and is incredibly fast. (Note that you need two for each router). Is very easy to hide away, we recommend it for vehicles and boats.


This patch antenna is a self-adhesive antenna that is brand new and suitable for the 5G network. Of course, it also works for 3G and 4G networks. Very wide frequency band in combination with good amplification.

The antenna is a discreet, self-adhesive antenna with 2.5 m antenna cable and SMA male connector. It is especially capable of 5G, which is unusual among these antennas. It can be mounted indoors and outdoors, it fastens to the surface and provides a discreet installation. A tip is that before you attach the antenna to the surface permanently, fix it loosely to see that you achieve the desired effect.

We recommend this 5G antenna to anyone who wants the antenna indoors for their router.

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