5G Router with full cable package and 5G roof antenna with built-in Wifi

New 5G router with self-made roof antenna – For those who want the fastest and most stable system that can be bought.

Wifi Performance 5G. The router for you with a motorhome, camper, caravan or boat who wants the best. Don’t forget to order SIM cards separately.


This 5G router is one of the most powerful and reliable routers on the market. It is a router for you who set the highest demands and want the sharpest on the market. It is very fast with gigabit network, dual wifi which gives an enormous speed. It cannot be compared to routers for home environments.

We have built a special package for this router. It comes with a full cable kit consisting of a 230 cable, a 12-volt cable that connects directly to the battery and a 12-volt cable that connects directly to the cigarette socket. Everything to facilitate installation. No extra skills are required to use this router. Just plug in the router and you have internet in less than a minute.

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