Our routers are compact and professional vehicle router with 4G, especially developed for vehicle installations. Most of our routers offer both 4G connection, wifi and features like GPS adapted to the vehicle environment.

CARAVAN ROUTER  offer 4G routers with wifi developed for vehicle installations. All routers offer compact dimensions and simple installation in all vehicles. All models are 4G, primarily intended for vehicle installations and makes it possible to create a local wifi network in vehicles. Comes complete with cables, antennas and mounting features.

  • Wifi

  • For vehicle installation

  • 4G with 1 x SIM (2 SIM also available)

  • Plastic enclosure

  • GPS

Fast routers with LTE-support

Our 4G-routers offer connection through LTE with speed equivalent to 150 Mbit/s (LTE CAT4) in downlink. The routers have an included network that supports IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11b/g. So from the routers it’s easy to connect further devices wireless. Our routers do not offer a fixed network, they are only equipped with a wireless network, on the other hand this is not an issue as there is hardly any equipment today that is not wifi integrated.

Who are our routers for?

The routers are developed for vehicle assembly but are also suitable for other applications if you need a compact router that offer wifi and is easily installed. If you look at vehicle instalation, there are a number of applications with the need for a stable connection in many situations. It can be vehicles for passenger transport where passengers share the Internet connection or commercial vehicles where lap tops, printers and other equipment need to connect to the Internet.

With built-in GPS

Nearly all of our routers have built-in GPS. The GPS-model has support for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS coordinates, coordinates that can be downloaded through WebUI or SMS.


Power supply for vehicle assembly

Our routers can be used in light vehicles or busses, trucks and boats, that use 12 or 24 V battery. The voltage supply input of the router is protected for transients and unclean current that may occur in vehicles. The routers also have an input that can be connected to the ignition circuit of the vehicles so that the router is in standby mode when the ignition is turned off.

The routers are delivered with two self-adhesive antennas with Fakra connectors (the GPS-model has another antenna), they also have a four pole connector for power supply. The routers are delivered with an un-contacted power supply cable, you can purchase a power supply cable for the cigarette  plug separately. The routers have room for a SIM-card (some models 2 SIM-cards) and have a signal strength dialing with LEDs that make it easy to see the signal strength and also which type of network the router is connected to (GSM/3G/4G).

Configure through app or browser

The vehicle routers are installed easily using the supplied antennas and hardware. The routers can be mounted to different materials using the supplied double sided tape with velcro. The routers are configured in a few minutes using an Android-app or device with browser. The app has the advantage that it can both handle and monitor the routers performance smoothly. All these functions are alos available through the web interface of the router.

Control several routers at a distance

You can also handle your routers fleet at a distance. With support from the router moniting Remote Management System you will be able to check and monitor all your routers from one single platform. This will help you to see the exact status on every router and follow the units in the field.