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Maximal speed in 4G is up to 34 mbit/s

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The installation is done by a professional. It is very important that the router is plugged in correctly and will be placed in the right spot. Your caravan salesman will help you with this.


Data allowance is now the most important part of a SIM card data contract. At Caravan Router we want to make sure you get enough data with your plan to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s updating your status, surfing the web or listening to music, your data is important.If you’re wondering ‘How much data do I need?

Watching Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video.
Spotify. The highest quality you can stream Spotify at using a premium membership is 320Kbps. When you play music at this level, you are consuming 2.40MB per minute, which equates to 115.2MB every hour.
On average a 5 min 720p video can consume about 75 MB of data. If you are watching a 1080p HD movie, that’s about 34MB/minute so a 5 min 1080HD video can consume about 170MB or more of data. Think about it this way on a mobile phone 3hrs of YouTube 720p watching would eat up an entire 3GB monthly data plan.
WhatsApp calling allow users to call other WhatsApp users for free. However, a minute of WhatsApp call costs around 0.15 MB to 0.20 MB of 3G data This means a 5-minute call costs around 1MB of 3G data.

How is data measured? What do MB and GB stand for?

MB – This stands for megabyte and is made up of approximately 1000 kilobytes.
GB – This stands for a Gigabyte. About 1000 megabytes makes up one GB.

What does 1GB of data equate to?

1GB (or 1024MB) of data lets you send or receive about 1,000 emails and browse the Internet for about 20 hours every month.

What does 3GB of data equate to?

3GB (or 3072MB) of data lets you send or receive about 3,000 emails and browse the internet for about 60 hours every month.

What does 10GB of data equate to?

10GB of data lets you send or receive about 445 emails and Surf 20.000 web pages and stream videos about 40 hours every month.

What does 30GB of data equate to?

With 30GB (or 30000MB) you’re looking at around an hour of music streaming each day, an hour of web browsing and a movie every day on your commute.

What does 100GB of data equate to?

100GB (or 100000MB) is functionally almost unlimited. Even with video streamed in high quality you could manage 100 hours per month. Chances are you don’t need that much, or would be fine with medium quality, which gives you up to around 200 hours.

What does 500GB of data equate to?

With a 500GB cap you can pretty much use the internet as much as you want. Even if you managed to somehow stream 50 hours of Ultra-HD content from Netflix in a single month, a highly unlikely scenario, with 500GB you’d still have around 140GB to spare.