The 4G-coverage is well-developed in Europe with coverage in most places.

According to the measurements of the mobile operators the coverage is close to 100% in big and average size cities. Most places in Europe have very good 4G coverage.

The information of the coverage is only indicative and it is not possible to guarantee the coverage at specific locations. The coverage and the speed for mobile services may vary depending on a variety of reasons, for example the geographical conditions, such as mountains, valleys and forests. The possibility to make phonecalls or surf indoor depends on which type of walls, windows and doors the building consists of and where in the building you are located.

Which cell phone, laptop, modem or router you use are of great importance for how your experience of the coverage and speed will turn out. In places where you lack coverage but you have access to wifi, you can use your cell phone as usual if you have a subscription that supports 4G.

It is possible to improve the opportunities to call and surf by using a so called handsfree (a cord with headphones and microphone) or an extern antenna. The possibility can also be improved further if the cell phone is laying on an open area instead of being held by hand or lying in a pocket or in a bag.

The normal speed is specified with an interval, and refers to an average for the entire cellular network and therefore does not necessarily reflect the experience of the individual user. The normal speed does not constitute a guarantee for the speed the individual user actually achieves at every occasion, it is an estimation of what the user normally can expect.

The speed may vary depending on a number of reasons, for example geographical conditions, if you are indoor or outdoor, if there are many callers at the same time or surfers within the same area and which cell phone, table top, modem or router you use.

All our router solutions contains several different options adapted for our users need. In other words, you may surf, stream or watch TV as much as you want.  We want you to have the opportunity to share whether you are at a conference for work, summer holiday or on a car journey. Our network covers almost a hundred precent of the population in Europe.